Keeping myself up to date is a great passion of mine. This means questioning and learning every single day. By keeping my eyes and ears open I can learn from even the smallest of things. I feel the best way for me to learn design is to simply observe how people function and live in their everyday life. One of the best teachers in our world is nature – how it builds, grows, stores, recycles and renews itself is breathtaking. Like many other artists and designers, I learn my greatest an most powerful lessons by experiencing and learning from nature.

Since nature is such an important teacher for me, learning new ways to design and build in an environmental-friendly way is vital. Part of this is mastering both new and old production methods and styles. Exploring how to work, combine and improve on production techniques and different materials is something close to my heart.

In my opinion, looking at the world with a wide perspective is one the most important tools a designer can have. Keeping myself open minded and ready for new things and people is the best way to develop my skills. My passion of experiencing new cultures, traveling and constant self development sits alongside this in driving my advancement.